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Introducing our premium product:


We are committed to serving our clients on a daily basis. Life often presents challenges, and we recognize that these obstacles can be overwhelming. Our primary objective is to assist you in attaining your desired physique, regardless of the barriers we encounter. Be it an injury or a personal tragedy, we aim to cultivate an unwavering mindset of resilience and clarity—the essence of being unfazed.

We will provide:

- Training Program tailored to you!

- Nutrition Program Tailored to you!

- Weekly Check-Ins!

- 24/7 Txt Availability!

- Educational Email Campaign!

- Community!

Jovany Ruiz's Story

Unfazed Performance Head Coach

Let me share my life's adversity and how I triumphed over it, so I can inspire you too. Despite facing numerous challenges from various directions, I have managed to remain unfazed.

Adversity struck me mentally, financially, spiritually, and physically. Over the past three years, I underwent seven knee surgeries while pursuing my college football and track and field career. Nevertheless, I have rebounded and achieved the best shape of my life.

I won't deny that these trials caused me to lose sight of my identity, but I now realize they were necessary for me to discover my true self.

Today, I am here to guide you on your journey. No matter how forcefully life pulls you down, I am committed to helping you rise and teaching you how to effectively respond and counter any adversity that comes your way.

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